At 23, I decided to try out Triathlon. I dabbled first with a club swim session and realised how slow I was and there was little to no support, and this actually put me off from going again. Many years later I still had a desire to be involved in triathlon, so went and watched the local Droitwich triathlon and found the atmosphere amazing, so I decided to pluck up the courage and contact my local tri club, TRIKS. They were pretty casual which I liked and told me to pop over to their cycling session for a chat. I then attended the next running group, which was an eye opener into the speed some of these guys go (I thought I was a good runner before watching them). Luckily, unlike my previous swimming experience, there was plenty of support and friendly chit chat and a very mixed bag of ability, and I was made to feel very welcome straight off the bat. I want to give back, and therefore have decided to train as a coach, and try my best to support novice and new members.