TRiKS has encouraged members to get involved in coaching and we have an ever expanding group of professional and experienced coaches, providing structured training sessions throughout the year.


Meet the team:

Alex Sobolewski – Level 2 Triathlon


I am a level 2 Tri coach, BSc in sport science, PGDip soon to be MSc in coaching. BTF Skills School Lead Coach for West Midlands Region. First aid trained. Experienced coaching adults and children. Very interested in helping with motivation, goal setting and performance profiling.




Mark Cresswell – Level 2 Athletics and Level 2 Triathlon


I am married with one daughter and work as a Production Manager in a local brick works.

I am a qualified level two run coach and used to coach the juniors at the local athletics club before moving into coaching triathlon after taking my level one triathlon badge.

The thing I enjoy the most is trying to help people to enjoy the sport and seeing them improve & to reach their potential with a smile on their face.




Jacqui Phillips – Level 2 Triathlon and Athletics

I am a level 2 coach in both athletics and triathlon and have been a competitive triathlete for about 8 years, representing the GB age group team a number of times. I am experienced in both adult and junior coaching and particularly enjoy helping beginners and children to enjoy having a go, improving and reaching their potential.




Karen Riley – Level 2 Triathlon (and numerous other sports)

I got involved in triathlon in 2009 after having my second child, as A PE teacher I have always played sport but gave up playing netball to focus on triathlon as I could fit in training around my family, and I ran and swim competitively as a teenager. I decided to do a GB age group qualifier in 2009 after a colleague raced in Australia and I thought I may be able to do that too! I have loved every minute of my triathlon career and decided to become a level 2 triathlon coach to hopefully inspire the future generation of 'Brownlees'. 




Graham Thorley – Level 2 Swimming

I entered my first triathlon with my eldest son in 2009. I had coached him and his friends at the local swimming club but both of us were looking for a new challenge and decided to take up triathlon. I have level 2 swimming teacher qualification and I run the Wednesday club swimming session. I have represented Great Britain at age group triathlon for the last four years.




Caroline Cresswell – Level 1 Triathlon

caroline-cresswellI am married with one daughter and first got into triathlon about 6 years ago. I have grown to love the sport over this time and been lucky to have travelled to some amazing places to compete both home and abroad meeting some wonderful people along the way.

I have had some great coaching throughout my time in triathlon and now I would like to give some of my time to help others enjoy the sport, so I have decided to take my level one coaching badge which will give me the opportunity to do this.




Ed Shelter – Level 1 Triathlon

ed-shelterAt 23, I decided to try out Triathlon. I dabbled first with a club swim session and realised how slow I was and there was little to no support, and this actually put me off from going again. Many years later I still had a desire to be involved in triathlon, so went and watched the local Droitwich triathlon and found the atmosphere amazing, so I decided to pluck up the courage and contact my local tri club, TRIKS. They were pretty casual which I liked and told me to pop over to their cycling session for a chat. I then attended the next running group, which was an eye opener into the speed some of these guys go (I thought I was a good runner before watching them). Luckily, unlike my previous swimming experience, there was plenty of support and friendly chit chat and a very mixed bag of ability, and I was made to feel very welcome straight off the bat. I want to give back, and therefore have decided to train as a coach, and try my best to support novice and new members.




Lenka Moore – Level 1 Triathlon

lenka-mooreI have been doing triathlons for about 6 years. My husband is a triathlete too and my two children have got involved in triathlon more than a year ago now so it's a proper family affair. I am about to do my Level 1 triathlon coach course and would love to get involved in coaching children to teach them about the sport that I love.