Monthly Archives: April 2016

If My Last Day of CrossFit Were Tomorrow…

Nope…I wouldn’t take part in anything like CrossFit endurance training. If tomorrow were my last day on this earth, I wouldn’t want to end my life with one of the regular intense CrossFit workouts. A third situation includes few factors that can make intensity prescriptions obscure as well. Like when you stumble into specific exercises for which 1RMs don’t exist at all. Maybe you run into exercises for which 1RMs are not possible or not advisable. Also, there can be such a routines, for which 1RMs have not been tested yet.
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Is Your Power of Will Strong and Determined Enough?

The power of will is what CrossFit's all about. No time, no determination, no will? Than there will be no progress as well... But, when you become unwilling to get to the next level of your fitness training program, you just cut off all the incredible growth...
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Are Wrist Wraps Useless and Redundant?

This spring, my good old friend sponsored by ManimalWear gave me a pair of these wrist wraps. I’ll admit that I never had the slightest idea why and more importantly how anyone would be using these. So until my GYM buddy told me the secret, I've...
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